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A new paradigm

Alephium is the first live layer 1 sharded blockchain scaling and improving on Bitcoin core technologies, Proof of Work and UTXO. It delivers a highly performant, secure DeFi & dApps platform with enhanced energy efficiency.


Engage with us.


Start mining to contribute to the network security and receive ALPH rewards.

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Start testing and report issues or contribute to the Alephium codebase.

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Start building your own smart contracts, decentralized apps and protocols.

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What makes Alephium different?
Proof of Less Work
Smart contract

Some numbers

We're passionate and committed to outstanding quality in everything we do. We took the necessary time to transform theory into actual technologies.
shards running on mainnet.
RAM needed for a Raspberry-Pi based full node.
>3 years
of Research & Development.


Designed for humans
Our wallet is only the first step. The intricate and innovative parts of technology should be at reach, without becoming an obstacle to accessibility and usability. Alephium aims at placing the user at the center, regardless of their skills.
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Growing fast


From lawyers to peer blockchains, lobbying & local associations, they make us feel part of a larger ecosystem.


They provided us with early backing, funding, strategic advice, introductions and so much more!
Miners, dApps & Community Projects

Miners, dApps & Community Projects

Building on top, around or below what we do, securing the network or providing services, they are the life & blood of Alephium & the reasons we grind everyday!


Exchanges are vital to our users, miners and backers. Find our trading pairs there!

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Build and contribute

Alephium is already live. You can start building, earning, and contributing right now.

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Earn ALPH tokens

Mining is crucial to secure and verify transactions on the Alephium blockchain. Contribute to the growth and security of our network and receive ALPH block rewards. Currently, we support CPU and GPU mining and will soon offer FPGA mining support

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Build your own

Start building your own smart contracts, decentralized apps and protocols. Alephium is made to build powerful, secure, and scalable dApps. Its stateful UTXO model combines the advantages of both the UTXO model and account model.

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Work @ Alephium

Our team & community members are our biggest assets. With them, with you, we plan to make Alephium the preferred blockchain for powerful, accessible and secure dApps & web 3.0. If you think you're uniquely suited to support Alephium, we want to hear from you. We're based in beautiful Switzerland, but you can contribute from anywhere in the world.

Job openings

Contribute to the code

Alephium is open source!

Start testing and report issues or contribute to the Alephium codebase. We would love to see your contribution integrated into the Alephium codebase!

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Alephium's community is growing fast. Fascinated by our technology? Come learn and build with us!